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ePac Flexible Packaging is a digitally-based flexible packaging company driven by our mission to help brands of all sizes stay competitive with exceptional stand up pouches, lay flat pouches and roll stock. ePac leverages the latest in digital print technology, providing our customers with a quick and easy way to purchase custom printed flexible packaging.

With locations in the UK, the US, Canada, and the Asia Pacific region, we have the unique opportunity to partner with local brands while giving back to the communities we serve.

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10-15 business days time to ship6-12 weeks time to ship
Low minimum runsHigh minimum runs
Low inventory levelsHigh inventory levels
Low obsolescenceHigh obsolescence
No plate or set up feesPlate & waste costs charged
Target market customizationNot possible with static print


Flexible Packaging

9 Benefits of Working with a Local Flexible Packaging Company

Whether you’re a new brand seeking out a flexible packaging supplier, or a seasoned packager looking for a supplier change, we know it can be daunting to choose the right partner.  Consider the advantages and benefits of partnering with a locally-based flexible packaging company. Cost-savings, no international tariffs, reduced complexity, and even stronger business relationships […]

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Flexible Packaging

The 4 Steps To Selling Your New Food Product to Grocery Stores

If you are a startup CPG brand ready to expand, or maybe you’ve been having success at local festivals and farmers markets and it’s time to take your product nationwide, read on. Getting your new product into the grocery store can feel like a daunting task. Once you finalize your recipe, you’ll need to determine […]

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Food Packaging Innovations: How to Balance Sustainability & Functionality

Sustainability matters to consumers and it starts with the packaging process. According to Nielsen, 75% of Millennials say they are willing to change their habits to reduce their impact on the environment. And 90% are willing to pay more for products that contain environmentally friendly or sustainable ingredients.  However, as “green” as a food package […]

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5 Ways to Get Your Product Noticed By Retailers

Are you ready to launch your new brand or product? Are you working on creating your brand’s pitch to retailers to get into store shelves?  This can be such an exciting (and perhaps, stressful) time. But getting noticed by retailers comes down to nailing a few key things. Ultimately, the more you can learn about […]

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Non-Food Items

Thinking inside the bag with digital stand-up pouches from ePac Lyon

When two Belgian entrepreneurs wanted to upgrade their packaging choice, they turned to ePac Lyon for help with their unique Puzzle in a Bag. Puzzle in a Bag, or PIAB for short, is a unique initiative by Ghent-based Niels Desot and Dimitri Devroe, who set up an e-commerce agency during lockdown. More than just offering […]

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Natural & Organic

ePac UK solves packaging nightmare for Boil & Broth

Personal need is often the driver behind innovation. The old adage, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is never truer than when a budding entrepreneur comes up against a problem in their own life and decides to solve it. For Rachel Down, the moment of truth came when she realised that the health issues she […]

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Nutritional Supplements
Skratch Labs Gold

Going for the Gold: Skratch Labs Prints Limited Run Olympic Packaging

Since 2012, Skratch Labs, a Boulder, CO company, has been selling sports nutrition products designed for athletes to reach peak performance and health without sacrificing on taste. This year, the brand is taking a new design approach with limited-edition gold packaging in honor of the Tokyo Olympics. Olympics Inspired Packaging The company, which sells hydration […]

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Nutritional Supplements

Amvor takes control of its packaging with digitally printed pouches

Amvor Health & Wellbeing entered the health nutritional market with its range of vitamins and supplements four years ago when founder, Amrik Singh, decided to take matters into his own hands. Rather than relying on prescribed medications to improve his health, he wanted to find supplements that could help him take control of his life. […]

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Press Releases
ePac Announces Expansion into Melbourne, Australia

ePac Flexible Packaging Announces Expansion into Melbourne, Australia

ePac is excited to announce the opening of the Australian market, with its first manufacturing facility opening in Melbourne in the fourth quarter of 2021. ePac’s first production facility will open eight kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, at the new Newlands Road food manufacturing hub, located in the heart of Coburg’s thriving industrial district. Jack […]

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Press Releases

ePac Flexible Packaging Expands European Presence To Austria

ePac Holdings Europe is proud to announce that the company is expanding its European operations into Austria to serve local and regional businesses. Building on the current locations in Silverstone (England) and Lyon (France), ePac Innsbruck (Austria), will be located in Landeck (Tyrol) and will serve Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Orders can be placed effective […]

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Press Releases

ePac Flexible Packaging Launches Sustainable Child Resistant Pouch Line

ePac is excited to announce the launch of Certified Child Resistant (CR) Resealable pouches made with Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. This was made possible due to an innovative collaboration between ePac, Presto, and Charter NEX.  Virag Patel, ePac’s COO commented: “The teamwork between Charter, Presto, an ePac has been phenomenal, and the key to […]

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Press Releases

Amcor announces strategic investment in ePac Flexible Packaging

Amcor recently announced their investment of  $10 to $15 million in ePac. The investment will include a minority ownership interest in ePac Holdings LLC and funding for more ePac locations.  Amcor’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Ian Wilson said “ePac is a truly entrepreneurial technology driven company and has proven its ability to rapidly […]

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