Custom Flexible

  • Photo Quality Graphics
  • Full Custom Printing
  • Low Minimum Orders
  • Print On Demand
  • No Plate Fees

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Finished Pouches and Rollstock
ship in 10-15 business days

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Flexible Packaging Made Simple

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Contact ePac

  • Tell us about your project.
  • ePac can recommend structures, sizes and pouch styles, or….we’ll work with your specifications.


Pre-media & Digital Printing

  • Our pre-media department will prepare a print ready PDF and send a soft or hard copy for your approval.
  • ePac uses state of the art digital printing to print your packaging. Learn more about how digital printing separates ePac from the competition.


Laminating & Pouch Making

  • ePac is a full service provider, with on-site lamination and pouch making services.
  • Order packed and shipped.

Why Epac?

ePac is committed to providing an exceptional customer
experience that enables brands to…

Quickly go to market

Achieve fast time-to-market for product launches, promotions, and repeat orders. Orders ship in 10 business days.

Eliminate inventory

Print to demand. Avoid obsolescence.

Customize Content

Ideal for promotions, target marketing, and ordering multiple SKUs in a single press run.

order short Runs

Ideal for short and medium run length jobs, especially multi-sku orders.

Lead Time to Ship Roll stock ships in 10 days or less
Finished pouches ship in 15 days or less
6-12 weeks
Manufacturing Locations Multiple US Locations
UK to open in 2019
Over $4B of flexible packaging comes from overseas
Run Length Specializes in short to medium length runs Impose high minimum run lengths
Inventory Digital print on demand reduces inventory High inventory levels required
Obsolescence Minimal due to print on demand High inventory obsolescence
Plate and Set Up Fees No plate or set up fees. Ideal for multi-SKU orders Plate and set-up waste costs are charged
Customization Can customize to target market Not possible with conventional printing
Target Marketing Ideal for product launches promotions, regional and event marketing Not possible with static print, impractical due to cost

Variable Imaging

Use Variable Imaging to:

  • Create unique imagery on every package in a run.
  • Improve shelf appeal.
  • Run promotions.
  • Link to your web site for recipes, videos, and more.
  • Tie to loyalty programs.

Leverage the power of ePac’s revolutionary digital printing platform to create unique, intelligent packaging.

Case Study

Skratch Labs

After 5 years in business, Skratch Labs renamed its entire line
of products and created entirely new packaging to make it
easier for the customer to understand the product.

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Key Markets We Serve

Cheese & Dairy

Block, string, sliced, and shredded cheese

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Candy and other sweets

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Sausage, beef jerky, and other meats

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Natural & Organics

Granola, trail mix, nutritional products

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Pet Food

Food and treats

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Roasted Coffee

Ground coffee or beans

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Chips, nuts, popcorn

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Bakery Products

Bread, hotdog/hamburger rolls and other bakery

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Frozen Foods

Most Varieties of Frozen Foods

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Health & Beauty

Health, beauty, and hygiene products, and cosmetics

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Lawn & Garden

Grass seed, fertilizer, and insect repellent

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Nutritional Supplements

Vitamins, and nutritional supplements

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