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ePac Atlanta serves local and regional brands of all sizes.

Our manufacturing facility is located at:

1856 Corporate Dr. #170
Norcross, GA 30093

Atlanta Flexible Packaging

Many print companies require a minimum run length that may result in overproduction or otherwise place unnecessary burdens on your business. Rather than losing space and money storing excess packaging, you can find the perfect medium or short run length with digital printing offered by ePac with their flexible packaging Atlanta.

quick production

ePac’s pouch printing services have a much shorter production timeline than traditional printing. Because digital printing doesn’t require the time-consuming set up of plates, we can ship your order in 10-15 business days compared to the 6-12 weeks traditional printers require. This means pouch manufacturing doesn’t need to hold up your timeline, allowing you to work at your own pace rather than being forced to plan around months-long printing schedules.

quality materials

Durable materials are always a priority but can become a matter of safety with certain products. Food and supplement packaging requires materials to be free of residual solvents, which can be a concern if packaging is imported. ePac uses solventless lamination, which not only eliminates the risk of residual solvents but is environmentally friendly.

easy customization

Because ePac uses a digital setup, pouch bag design & making is customizable on a bag-to-bag level. Changing the design doesn’t require any changes to the physical printer, which means a faster, less labor-intensive process.

ePac also offers a variety of pouch options to complement your product, such as press to close zippers, hang holes, and tear notches.

community involvement

ePac Atlanta has made community engagement a priority since their opening in 2019. Since then, the Atlanta team has worked with Georgia Grown, a marketing and economic development program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, to help support the local agricultural economy and promote local products.

ePac Atlanta has also worked with Authentic Georgia, an initiative of The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, as a partner in growing Georgia’s economy and celebrating Georgia’s thriving businesses, places, and people. Through Authentic Georgia, ePac Atlanta won a spot to table for the Georgia Congressional Lunch which gave the team further opportunity to introduce ePac to the Georgia community.