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04 Dec2019

How to Extend Your Shelf Life With Flexible Packaging

As a brand owner, you know all about the many consumer benefits that have catapulted flexible packaging onto shelves in almost every market space. Its lightweight and easy to open design makes flexible packaging universally appealing, while its high-barrier properties and optional re-close features help to extend product freshness.

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26 Nov2019

CASE STUDY: Kakosi Foods

Small Cacao Pouches Deliver Big Results Andrew Dunbar has made healthy snacking a way of life with an unconventional sweet: cacao nibs. In 2014, Dunbar was working in the healthcare industry and was looking for a change. So he decided to follow a lifelong dream of starting his own business and launched a cacao nib startup. At that time, cacao nibs were not a well-k...

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20 Nov2019

ePac Atlanta Celebrates Their Grand Opening

The ePac Atlanta plant celebrated its grand opening by hosting an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony at their new plant location in the heart of Norcross, GA. The ePac team has the opportunity to meet with members of the community and local businesses to showcase the new location and let the community know about the benefits of digital p...

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22 Oct2019


Whiskey-Soaked Granola Proves It’s Tasty To “Go Against the Grain” There’s granola and then there’s Granarly, the snacking granola brand that, as the company’s slogan suggests, “Goes against the grain.” It all began in 2015 where Morgan Potts, at just 23, started her granola company, Granarly, in Shrevepo...

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17 Oct2019

Variable Data Printing: 6 Ways It Can Enhance Your Brand

Your packaging is one of your brands’ most powerful tools. Packaging builds brand awareness, communicates your brand’s message, attracts new customers, and more. But how can your packaging build your brand? As we get closer to the fall and winter holidays, how can it make your holiday products stand out? What can you do to make all of your special edition products fly off the shelves? And ho...

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02 Oct2019

CASE STUDY: mmmpanadas

From Food Truck to Freezer Aisle: mmmpanadas Finds Packaging Innovation in Digital Printing What do you get when you combine two foodies, an entrepreneurial spirit, and some really good empanadas? You get mmmpanadas, an Austin, Texas-based empanada brand that sells its goods from a food truck around town, and now also in the frozen food aisle. 

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20 Sep2019

Meet Ian, ePac’s First Summer Intern

This summer was momentous for ePac - we had our first ever summer intern! Ian Gelerman spent the summer interning our Boston, Massachusetts plant, learning the ropes from general manager Tim Novak and the sales team while helping put on a big event: the ePac Boston grand opening party. We took some time to chat with Ian about his experience interning with ePac...

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