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Nutritional Supplements

Studies show that nutritional supplements and multivitamins have a multitude of benefits. They can optimize health and well-being as well as help the body absorb the additional nutrition it needs to operate at peak performance. Fresh, high-quality ingredients enable consumers to take advantage of these benefits. Plastic pouch packaging provides the environment that can help ensure products retain their potency.

Maintain Freshness

In order to maintain potency, supplements and nutraceuticals have specific packaging requirements. Nutritional supplements packaging meets those needs by offering:

  • A dry environment
  • Protection from light
  • Humidity resistance
  • Airtight closures

Pouches can bare puncture proof, which helps maintain the dry environment. Barrier properties help contents remain fresh longer and protect them from exterior odors and vapors. The availability of dark colors enables the packing to be opaque, reducing exposure to light.

Flexible Features

Supplement packaging design offers a wide range of benefits. Stand up pouches take up less room than rigid containers such as plastic or glass bottles. The ability to add spouts, sliders and zippers offers cost-effective flexibility that sets flexible packaging apart from other forms of packaging.

Pouches can be roomy enough to hold several liters of liquid or compact for single dose products. Laminated film packaging offers challenging to hold products such as jams, jellies, and powders a simple delivery system.

Brand Differentiation

From countless sizes and shapes to true high-definition photo-quality graphics, stand-up pouches deliver a format that is contemporary, eye-catching and unique. Digital package printing enables supplement manufacturers to take advantage of the front, back, sides and bottom of the pouch to print ingredients, display product benefits, add QR or bar codes and to share the company story.

The manufacturing of flexible food supplement packaging uses less energy and fewer materials than pill bottles, blister packs and rigid containers, which makes them less expensive to produce, transport and store. Digital printing enables small to medium sized organizations to compete with large, more established organizations as short runs can be printed cost effectively, as there are no plates or over-runs for inventory.  

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