Products ePac Offers


ePac offers digital printing, lamination, pouch making, and rollstock services engineered to serve the short and medium run, quick turn around, flexible packaging market.

Our Products

Lay-Flat Pouches

Quad and 3-side seal lay-flat and pillow pouches

Stand-Up Pouches

Multi-format stand-up pouches

Roll Stock

Laminated roll stock made with solvent-less lamination

Film Structures

ePac uses premium grade films:

  • PET, Metallized PET, PE, and BOPP
  • High barrier films
  • Matte, soft touch and gloss finishes
  • Laminates
  • Recyclable films

ePac will recommend a film structure based on the product being packaged, or we can work with specifications supplied to us.

Pouch Options

ePac manufactures all finished pouches on-site with the following options:

  • Bottom and side gusset pouches
  • Lay flat pouches
  • Tear notches and hang holes
  • Press to close zippers

Other features such as degassing valves and spouts are also offered, and are outsourced at this time. Please call us to discuss if you have any questions about this.

Pouch Dimensions

ePac uses wide-web digital printing and can manufacture most pouch sizes. Our HP Indigo 20000 prints on frames of 29” wide with a 43” repeat. This allows for multiple images to be placed on one frame, or one pouch with print dimensions of 29” wide by 43” long.

A key feature of digital printing is “frame utilization”. The goal is to optimize frame utilization by adjusting pouch dimension. Using as much of the frame as possible can have a significant affect on your cost.