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Flexible Packaging Made Simple

ePac is 100% engineered to deliver high quality flexible packaging, and our use of digital printing technology truly differentiates us from the competition. Each of our locations uses state of the art HP Indigo 20000 Digital presses, and our entire order to ship process is designed to take the complexity out of buying flexible packaging. ePac is the only flexible packaging company built from the ground up on a digital platform, enabling us to produce competitively priced short and medium run length orders, within 10 days from the date artwork is approved, with true high definition photo quality graphics.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has been in existence for over 25 years in data centers, commercial printers, and in-plant print centers. Today, digital printing accounts for over 10% of the total print volume produced in North America, and over 20% of the retail value of all printed materials. Digital has found a clear position in the market for high value print, such as applications requiring variable data and imaging, short and medium run length jobs, and applications requiring the highest print quality. However, it has only been available for flexible packaging since 2014, with the launch of Hewlett Packard’s Indigo 20000 Digital Press. While adoption of digital printing in flexible packaging is in its infancy, and growth expected in double-digits for the foreseeable future, technology driven CPGs today stand to benefit immensely from its disruptive ability to change how packaging is produced.

Established in 2016, ePac is the only flexible packaging company in North America built entirely around the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press to provide customers with its unique advantages, including:

  • Setup time and waste are substantially reduced.
  • PDF’s are used as the image source, so no plates are used in the printing process.
  • Short runs, and medium run length multi-SKU jobs are produced cost effectively.
  • Our 30” wide web accommodates most flexible packaging sizes.
  • Only digital printing can produce packaging with variable content (VDP – Variable Data Printing).
  • Image quality is photo-quality and meets or exceeds that of flexo and roto-gravure, and is capable of hitting 97% of the Pantone gamut with 100% color consistency and perfect registration.

Variable Imaging

One of key ways digital printing is different from conventional printing is its ability to print unique text and graphics on each and every package. Marketing campaigns can be run and linked to web content, and graphically rich variable imagery improves shelf appeal. It’s this capability that launched “One to One Marketing” when digital was first introduced to the printing market in the late 1980’s, and will now similarly impact flexible packaging.

HP Indigo 20000 Digital Printing Press

Full Service Flexible Packaging Company

To complement the two HP Indigo 20000 presses at each ePac location, ePac offers a full range of services, including:

  • Pre-media – includes die-lines, color matching, and optimization for digital printing. It’s here where special effects are applied, such as the ability to create a unique image for every package printed. It’s also in this step where a print-ready PDF is created, and sent to the press, thus eliminating the need for printing plates.
  • Solventless Lamination – cures fast, and is more environmentally friendly than alternative processes.
  • Multi-format pouch making – includes a variety of stand-up pouch and lay flat pouch formats with optional press to close zippers and hang holes.

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